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come on guys. saying Ali B doesn't get Annie is BS. she obviously said "crazy" in her usual joking manner. she's doing her best to stay Annie, whatever the writers throw at her. There were so many times when Alison was visibly in disagreement with the inconsistencies in the writing, but had to sell it for the press as if it was logical. And she's always been the biggest J/A shipper in the cast (not including Joel, who isn't vocal about it, but doesn't have to be - he's body language says it all)

Thanks for your message! I appreciate your input, I really do. I’m sorry if the post I reblogged came across as overly harsh. I can only speak for myself, but my annoyance wasn’t as much directed at Alison as it was at the constant drumbeat we’ve been hearing of Annie reading into things / imagining stuff that isn’t there / not realizing that the thing between her and Jeff is only happening inside her head etc. when there’s nothing in canon to back any of that up. For me, it was just really disappointing to see a quote of Alison used to support this claim, and I hope that her statement was taken at least somewhat out of context.

I love both Alison and her portrayal of Annie. I think she’s an amazingly talented actress. But I also love Annie, the character, and hearing the word “crazy” associated with her hurts me, especially on a show that’s about inclusion and which constantly questions the general assumption that the world is divided into “normal” and “crazy” people. It has also been established on the show that Annie has had a history of mental health problems and has battled with an addiction to psychiatric medication, so I can’t help but feel that calling her “crazy” comes across as insensitive at best. I don’t think that anybody working on the show would publicly call Abed “crazy”, and I wish that would apply to the other characters as well.

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