Oh yeah, and one more thing because I just saw it on my dashboard: Why did they have to make Abed tell Annie to switch to forensics? I wasn’t happy about that at all. And that doesn’t even have anything to do with my shipping preference. I wouldn’t have been happy if Jeff told her what to study either.

I mean, the forensics thing was kind of foreshadowed by Annie being able to figure out where the Dean put his car keys etc. And I think we’re supposed to believe that Abed simply put together the clues that were already there (because he’s a “student of character”). But I don’t know, I kinda wish we could have seen Annie come to the realization about what to study herself. In the interviews, they’re constantly going on about her having to mature and blablabla but they don’t let her make important life decisions on her own? That just pisses me off.

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